Free European Satellite

European Free to air Satellite Channels


Channel Name Satellite
BVN TV (Dutch) 15W
Radio Pampa 15W
RNW 1 radio 15W
RNW 2 radio E 15W
RNW 3 radio Sp/P 15W
TV Pampa (Purtugal) 15W
Kol Haneshama 30W
ManaSat 1 (Portugal) 30W
Rede TV! Sul (Portugal) 30W
RFI - Radio France Internationale 30W
DW TV (German) (8' dish required) 58W
BVN TV (Dutch) 97W
CNL (Russian) 97W
Fashion TV America 97W
Horizon Armenian TV 97W
Maharishi 97W
Planeta Sport (Russian) 97W
Radio Romania International 97W
RBN TV (Russian) 97W
RTR Planeta (Russian) 97W
Russia Today (New in English) 97W
TelePace (Italian) 97W
Trójka 97W
TV Romania International 97W
TVP3 (Polish) 97W
UTR Ukranian 97W
WRN 1 North America Radio 97W
WRN 2 North America Radio 97W
WRN Français 97W
HRT Saatelitski Program 101W
Radio Maryja 101W
RDP Internacional 101W
RTP Internacional América 101W
Suroyo TV 101W
DW- Deutche Welle Radio-C 103W
DW- Deutche Welle TV-C 103W
Polskie Radio 1 116.8W


Note: While we try to keep this list as up to date as possible channels may change at any time. Some may not currently be in service, have moved to other satellites or transponders, etc. It would be best to look for current information by going to

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