6dB Attenuator/Pad (FAM-6)

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Attenuators are used to reduce the amount of signal by a certain amount to help tune video distribution systems.


If you had to much signal going into a TV Set, Amplifier, etc you could use a attenuator to reduct the input signal so you don't overdrive the receiver.

In some cases when using a distribution amp to feed several TV's you might want to highly amplify the signal for longer coax runs but may need to reduce the input levels to some TV's that are on shorter coax runs.

You can combine one or more Attenuators/Pads to achieve the desired amount of insertion loss required.

Example: If you needed 16dB of loss you could use a 6db and 10db pad/attenuator together to achieve 16db of loss.


  • Nickel Plated, solid brass body
  • Rugged Construction
  • Etched glaze type resistors used
  • Accurate and excellent return loss
  • 22 gauge spring steel center pin


  • Bandwidth: 5MHz to 2050MHz
  • Accuracy ±5%


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