Monoblock Duo LNBF 4 Degree Single Output Linear KU 0.4 dB (KLB1)

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Universal Monoblock
10.7-12.75 GHz
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You want to receive signal from two satellites at the same time?

The DUO LNBF is a Monoblock KU-band linear LNBF:

  • Digital satellite reception of two satellites separated by 4 degrees on the Clarke Belt arc.
  • Commonly used with Satellites 101W and 97W, or 97W and 93W in North America
  • Built-in DiSEqC Switch
  • 0.4 dB NF Connects to one satellite receiver
  • Works on offset dishes between 60cm and 90cm.

The LNBF on each side of this Monoblock Duo is a UNIVERSAL type. The built-in DiSEqC switch allows the receiver to switch between the two satellites instantly. This is used for Free To Air satellite reception in North America. Compatible with all FTA satellite receivers on the market today. Works with all KU band reception except DSS. Great choice for Galaxy 25 and AMC4 simultaneous reception. Or Galaxy 25 & Galaxy 26 reception.


  • Single Output LNBF

  • Lightweight and small size for easy installation

  • Covers Ku Band Satellite Frequencies 10.7-12.75 GHz

  • 0.4 dB low noise figure for improved signal reception (specially on weak signal) and low interference.

  • Voltage-Controlled H/V Switching (13/18 V)

  • Comes with an adapter for any dish with LNBF holder standard 40mm diameter. Thus allowing this LNB to be mounted effortlessly on almost any offset dish, such as Fortec Star 80,90cm dishes. Black LNBF Holder you see in the picture above is not included.

  • Linear type.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL FTA SYSTEMS RELATED TO Galaxy 25 (97W), G3C (95W), Galaxy 10R (123W), AMC4 (101W), and more.

  • 2 Year Mfg Warranty


Installation Instructions:
  • Place LNBF1 in the focal point of your dish using the Dish's LNBF holder.
  • Connect an RG6 coaxial cable between receiver 1 and LNBF Monoblock Output 1
  • Connect an RG6 coaxial cable between receiver 2 and LNBF Monoblock Output 2
  • Set the DiSEqC switch position in each receiver as follows:
    • Command 1 or A for LNBF1 (i.e. 97W or whichever the Western satellite you pick)
    • Command 2 or B for LNBF2 (i.e. 93W or whichever the Eastern satellite you pick)
  • Optimize the signal strength and quality for LNBF1.
  • Optimize the signal strength and quality for LNBF2 by turning it a little upwards or downwards a few degrees.



Input Frequency Range

10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz

Output Frequency Range

950 ~ 1450 MHz

LO Frequency

9750/10600 GHz

Conversion Gain

56 dB

Cross Pol. Isolation

25 dB

F/D Ratio0.6

Noise Figure

0.4 dB Typ (0.8db Max)

Load Impedance75 ohm

Input Reflector Type


Gain Flatness

5 dBpp over operating band

+/- 0.5 dBpp H/V.Pol @ 27 MHz

L.O. Frequency Stability:


+/- 1 MHz

(-40°C ~ +60°C)

+/- 3 MHz

L.O. Phase Noise:

(1 KHz Offset)

-59 dBc/Hz

(10 KHz Offset)

-84 dBc/Hz

(100 KHz Offset)

-101 dBc/Hz

L.O. Spurious-60 dBm
Omage Rejection40 dB min
Output VSWR2.0:1

Output Connector

75Ohm F Type Female

D.C. Power Supply

11.5 – 19 V

Current consumption90 mA Typ., 110 mA Max

Polar Switching Voltage

Vertical: 10.5 ~ 14.5 V

Horizontal: 15.5 ~ 21 V

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ +60°C



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