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The RC-LCR-it works like magic. Place it horizontally below your flat panel and it's the perfect center channel for movies and games. Place it upright and it rocks out as a left or right front speaker for music. What's the secret? An Energy exclusive diagonal tweeter /midrange design that disperses sound identically in both planes.

The RC-LCR disperses sound evenly. That what makes it works no matter where you use it-left, center or right. Its giant sound and great looks will make your home theater the center of attention.

Since no two installations are ever alike, every RC-LCR speaker includes port plugs, so that the speaker can also be installed in a cabinet or bookshelf. These plugs ensure the smoothest frequency response is achieved, reproducing the emotion of every recording. The no-compromise design delivers the smoothest, most natural sound available, with great looks. Don't settle for less than perfection.

Features include:

  • Place horizontally as center channel for powerful effects, clear dialogue
  • Vertical placement ideal for left/right front speakers
  • Sound matched to other Reference Connoisseur speakers
  • The Reference Connoisseur Series has been designed to reflect the principles behind every Energy speaker
    • Flat On-Axis Frequency Response with Wide Bandwidth: Speakers should reproduce the entire audio range in a uniform manner. By ensuring that no one frequency dominates any other, with Veritas, every note is delivered accurately-and the sound is as natural as possible.
    • Wide and Constant Dispersion: Sound at all frequencies radiating from the speaker is in an even pattern, in all directions throughout the room.
    • Low Distortion and Resonance: No speaker system is distortion- or resonance-free, but Energy achieves a significantly lower distortion level; for a clearly audible improvement.
    • The RC-LCR bass reflex center/LCR channel speaker is packed with high-performance features:
    • Our Tapered Crossover System provides improved imaging accuracy and wide, constant dispersion
    • Two 5.5-inch Ribbed Elliptical Surround woofers for high efficiency, low distortion
    • An aluminum dome tweeter and dual 2-inch aluminum cone midranges for sonic accuracy and durability
    • Dual rear vented cabinet for deep, powerful bass response
  • Specifications
    • System Type: Bass Reflex, Dual Rear Vented
    • Frequency Response: 48Hz-23000Hz +/- 3dB
    • Recommended Amplifier: Power Bass Reflex, Dual Rear Vented
    • Components: 1 Chambered Aluminum Dome Tweeter, Dual 2 Chambered aluminum cone midranges, 2 5-1/2 Kevlar Ribbed Elliptical Surround Woofers
    • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
    • Usable Bass Response: (-10db Anechoic) 42Hz
    • Sensitivity (anechoic): 89dB
    • Crossover Point: 600Hz, 2.5kHz
    • Operating Range: Tweeter: 2kHz and >, Midrange a and 2: 450Hz-4.5kHz, Woofers 1 and 2:~ to 750Hz
    • Overall Dimensions: H 7-1/2 (19cm) x D 10-1/4 (27cm) x W 19-1/2 (49.5cm)
    • Weight: 24.2lbs / 11kg
    • Finish: Black Ash Veneer
    • Included Accessories: Port plugs, Rubber Bumpers

Product Length: 8
Product Width: 10
Product Length: 8

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