Deluxe Solar Power Charger Bag Cell Phone and Other

PART#: 72-00625
UPC : 844296066575
Condition : Brand New
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Carry your cell phone in this stylish Deluxe Solar Power Charger Bag and never worry about running out of battery again!

Not only will the Deluxe Solar Power Charger Bag provide a safe place to store your cell phone, it will also charge your cell phone with its built in solar panel.

You'll truly be wireless and untethered to outlets with this amazing device.

Included with the Deluxe Solar Power Charger Bag are several types of adapters for charging a broad range of cell phones so you'll be ready for anything.

Features include:

Power: 3.7V

Charging adapters: Nokia-1, Nokia-2, Moto, Sony Ericsson-1, Sony Ericsson-2, Samsung

Dimensions: 5 x 3.875 x 2.25 inches

Includes retail packaging
Product Length: 5
Product Width: 4
Product Length: 5


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