Wireless TV Game-18 interactive Games plus 69 Arcade Games

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Looking for a variety of entertainment options all in one place? Then look no further! This New Sport TV Game Entertainment System includes 18 interactive sports games and 69 arcade games so there is something for everyone. Also included are a wireless controller, two wireless remotes, sports attachments and much more. The console itself is capable of operating on battery power so it is great for those traveling.

Features include:


Console runs on AC or battery power (requires four AA batteries not included)

Wireless controller (requires two AAA batteries, not included)

Two wireless remotes with wrist straps (requires three AAA batteries per controller, not included)

One tennis racket attachment

Two ping pong paddle attachments

One golf club attachment

One baseball bat attachment

AV cable

AC adapter

Two game cartridges containing 18 interactive sports games and 69 arcade games

Sports games include: Tennis, Pinpong, Baseball, Boxing,Bowling, Golf, Shooting, Dart, Ring Game, Fishing, Magic Key, Cross Strert, SkyUp, Photo Match, Jewel Master, Bump Bump, Railway Builder, Pipe Worker

Arcade Games Include: Shark, Diamond, Pulveration, Octopus,Earth Fighter, Awful Rushing, Bubbles, Little Indian, Twin Cards, Dejectil,Greedy, Assart, Polk, Lawn Mower, Undersea Base, Fish Journey, Sea Maid, 100mDush, Phantom Archer, Knocking, Transmission, Discus Put, The Farmer, Motoboat,Resistant, Dinosaur, Moto Rushing, 110m Hurdles, Robot, High Jump, Javel In,Thin Ice, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Archery, Magic Place, Grot Kid, Jumping Kid,Rifle Range, Memory Test, Santa Claus, Puzzle, Rb Chess, Star Attack, DepthBomb, Ice Hockey, Warrior, Five Days, Aimless, Shot Put, Angler Fish, ShrewMouse, Vectron, Ramming, Warfront, Hit Mouse, Mouse Snare, Fising, Enchanter,Girl, Falling Blocks, Deformable, Lightning, Fish Story, Weald Gunman, FinalBlood, Surfgr, Final Man, Freestyle

Great for all ages

Includes retail packaging

Product Length: 3
Product Width: 19
Product Length: 3

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