Poker Remote Control - Controller Dual Model

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Did you know that sitting stationary at a desk for just 25 minutes starts strain in back muscles requiring a stand-up or off-set stretches? But most players forget or don't know to stretch out their muscles during play.

This is why computer users eventually experience pain in the lower back, Carpal tunnel Syndrome, eye fatigue which over time can lead to near-sightedness.

During beginning levels of tournament play, roughly 85% of hands must be folded. It is easier to fold hand after hand while doing something to keep yourself entertained. The temptation to play troublesome hands will be gone and your patience/game itself will improve!

The Poker Remote Control Duo is the solution to all these problems! Set yourself free from the desk with all the comfort and space you need helping you to avoid the temptation of playing bad cards.

Features include:

Comfortable, Fun & Healthier

Supports all online poker sites

2 year warranty

Ergonomic design

2 table gaming

Media control

Life-time support

Remote control and USB

Requires two AAA batteries (included)

System requirements: Any PC computer or laptop, USB support, Windows: 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista, Internet connection

Includes retail packaging

Product Length: 1
Product Width: 7
Product Length: 1

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