DIRECTV AU9-S-SWM-B-PWS Five LNB Ka/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna w/ Long and Short Brace and SL3S-SWM LNB Combo

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Price: $159.95

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DirecTV Slimline SLSP-F SL3S 3 Sat Dish - Includes SLSP-F Dish, SL3S 3 Sat LNB with SWM Technology, PI-21 Power Inserter, SWS-8 SWM 8-Way Splitter, AZ/EL Back Assembly, J-Mount, 3 Sat LNB, LNB Arm and two Support Brackets.


  • Works with DirecTV HR23 HR22 HR21 HR20 H23 H22 H21 H20 R22 R16 and D12 Receivers
  • Receives DirecTV 99 101 and 103 Satellites
  • Receives HD and SD signals in all regions of the US
  • Receives HD locals in all regions of the US
  • Receives all Ka/Ku Signals
  • Receives all MPEG4 Signals


  • Includes SlimLine Dish 22.5" x 32.5"
  • Includes AZ/EL Back Assembly
  • Includes Heavy Duty J-Mount with 2" OD Mast
  • Includes LNB Mounting Arm
  • Includes (1) Short Support Bracket
  • Includes (1) Long Support Bracket

SL5S 5 SATELLITE LNB with SWM TECHNOLOGY - (Receives 99 101 and 103 Satellites)

  • Includes SL3S 3 Sat LNB Head with SWM Technology
  • Includes Built-In 8 Channel SWM Multiswitch
  • Includes PI-21 Power Inserter
  • Includes SWS-8 8-Way SWM Splitter


  • Provides eight (8) streams for support of up to 8 DIRECTV satellite tuners (can be eight individual receivers or four DVRs or a combination) (tuners must be suitably compatible)
  • With a SWM Dish, only ONE LINE is connected into the back of a compatible HD DVR. The satellite 2 input is NOT USED and two tuners are available from that single line. No split at the unit is necessary as this is performed internally.
  • Generally, the SWM Dish is installed outside and the Power Inserter is installed indoors.
  • B-Band converters are NOT used with receivers connected to SWM. This functionality is performed by the SWM.
  • Maximum total distance from SWM to receiver: 200'
  • Supports (3) Orbital Slots 99, 101and 103 Satellites
  • Uses only 1 RG6 coax between the Dish and the Power Suppy
  • Uses only 1 RG6 coax between the Power Supply and the 8-way SWM Splitter
  • Uses only 1 RG6 coax between the Splitter and your DirecTV HD DVR Receiver
  • Maximum Distance from your Dish to your Receiver is 200'
  • Power Supply Included

DirecTV Receivers that are Compatible with SWM Technology

  • HR23 HD DVR Receivers
  • HR22 HD DVR Receivers
  • HR21 HD DVR Receivers
  • H23 HD Receiver
  • H22 HD Receiver
  • H21 HD Receiver
  • HR20 HD Receiver*
  • H20 HD Receiver*
  • R22 DVR Receivers
  • R16 DVR Receivers
  • D12 Receivers

*All H2O and HR20 receivers (silver) with current firmware update (Firmware .2042)
A firmware download can be forced by pressing the red reset button in the access card panel.
When the blue DirecTV welcome screen appears press 02468 with your remote control pointed at the receiver


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