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   Founded in 2005, Powertech Electronics Inc. is specialized in developing and manufacturing the Motorized Antenna System Products.  Headquartered in Taipei, has manufacturing plant in China.  We produce the full range of motorized antenna products, such as actuator, DiSEqC/stand alone positioner, and DiSEqC H-H mount.

    With years of accumulated design and manufacture experience, we have strong R&D team and cost-effective plant.  We offer the high quality, innovation design, and competitive products to our customers.  We also provide OEM/ODM service for the customized products.

    Powertech mission is to enrich the digital life of global customers and maintain the competitive advantage.  We continuously look to improve, expand and broaden our existing product lines.  Powertech is your best choice to motorize your digital world.  If you still need any further information, please feel free to contact with us.

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PowerTech DG-280B DiSEqC Compatible Motor with 42mm shaft

PART#: DG-280B

Price: $79.95


PowerTech DG380 HHMotor

PART#: DG380

Out of stock : Call or email for availability.

Price: $89.95


PowerTech V3000 GBox DiSEqC Positioner


Out of stock : Call or email for availability.

Price: $74.95