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  Pico Macom
If the name Pico Macom sounds familiar to you, it should: We have been around as long as the delivery of cable and satellite TV signals—and longer than most other companies in the industry. Founded in 1962, Product Identification Company, Inc. (PICO) began as a manufacturer of etched name plates. Three years later, Pico applied its etching process skill to the manufacture of high-quality printed circuit boards and, by 1976, had expanded its capabilities to security devices for the nascent cable TV market. This was Pico’s debut in the CATV market that launched our growth and set early quality standards for the industry.

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CATV Push-Pull 30dB Distribution Amplifiers - 1 GHz

PART#: CA-30/1000

Price: $208.39

Pennsylvania | California

Bi-Directional 2-Way 1GHz CATV Drop Amplifier With Active Return - Dual Output, 11dB


Price: $51.61

Pennsylvania | California

UHF/VHF/FM Sloped Distribution Amplifier

PART#: TA-36

Price: $96.53

Pennsylvania | California

Pico Macom Professional Broadcast Grade Agile 860MHz AV Modulator

PART#: A860

Price: $866.99

Pennsylvania | California