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Imported from tech-leader South Korea, and Distributed in the USA by Neosat. Neosat represents only the best in technology, without any compromises in user accessibility and cost. We cover the broad spectrum of all FTA products in that we offer the world with unmatched Free To Air solutions in all price ranges and many situations catered to the user. Consumers see the revolutionary path Neosat is taking, and they support it head-on.

NeosatUSA is the SOLE provider of Neosat brand Satellite (Free To Air) equipment. Working in harmony with our Authorized Dealers, we provide modern and state-of-the-art Free To Air solutions to consumers the world over.

With Neosat, we hope to revolutionize the Free To Air digital world by offering simple, yet highly powerful and advanced solutions. We pride ourselves over top-quality products and support with no compromises. We aim to provide a full range of products to suit every customer's needs and budget. Whether you want the best technology has to deliver, or if you are the budget-minded person who is looking for a great product at an even greater price, our goal is to make Neosat your one and only smart-minded decision.

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