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Sonicview ® Free-To-Air Satellite Receivers are imported and distributed throughout North America by Sonicviewusa, Inc. and it's network of affiliates. We know that by providing the highest quality FTA satellite receivers at competitive prices combined with superior customer support, the Sonicview brand will continue to thrive. Asia and the Pacific Rim were the first places in which MPEG-2 Free-To-Air reception was used on a large scale. The difference between those markets and America was that prior to the mid 90s, it took literally very huge antennas to get even a few dozen channels...making TV reception of many channels an impossible dream. MPEG-2 technology was a breakthrough that allowed great reductions in per-channel transmission costs. Mass consumers in those regions never had the chance to spend lots of money on more costly analog equipment. Their first exposure to satellite TV was more often than not in a digital format. Technology has taken a 15 to 20 year learning curve of various stages of analog receivers prior to going to digital. So the Asia-Pacific market was a test bed on how to get it right, with costs coming down due to companies from the Far East trying to compete for the huge mainland Chinese market, then America. Meet the 4th generation of Free-To-Air digital satellite technology - the Sonicview, brought to you by Sonicview USA, Inc.

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