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Invacom Ltd was formed in 2000 by Gary Stafford and Dave Smith in partnership with Global Communications (UK) Ltd. Global provided financial backing, support and over 20 years experience as a high volume, low cost manufacturer in the satellite industry.

The key personnel bring years of experience within the Direct Broadcast Satellite Industry. Invacom Managing Director, Gary Stafford, headed the original team responsible for creating the World’s first integrated LNB, designed for high volume manufacture – this LNB went on to sell in quantities well over 1M pcs. Technical Director, Dave Smith created the world’s first Universal LNB, utilising Feedhorn and Waveguide designs developed by Gary Stafford. They went on to release the World’s first Universal Twin, some 2 years prior to any competitor, and again the World’s first Universal Quatro. Later design milestones have seen the development of the Invacom Quad LNB, which utilises advanced techniques to reduce power consumption. This unit, built for a major Satellite TV broadcaster, allows independent reception at 4 locations. Power consumption of this unit is little more than that for a standard single outlet product.

The Invacom Integrated VSAT unit redefined the VSAT market. Drawing on their unique experience in cost reduction and integration, Invacom engineers developed the World's first integrated LNB/OMT/Filter. The gain in performance from this perfectly matched unit impressed Satellite operators throughout the World, allowing greater footprint coverage with reduced cost. The Integrated VSAT unit Patent is one of a portfolio of Invacom Patents. Most recently this culture of innovation has led to the launch of the world’s first Quad Polar DBS LNB, able to receive signals from both Linear and Circular Polarised Satellites simultaneously.

Invacom are now an established high volume supplier of Satellite TV LNBs into the major satellite TV operators in the US. Additionally, we ship proprietary VSAT systems also in very high volumes into the US.

The Invacom design team built up steadily over the years by carefully selection of industry leading engineers. Invacom Design engineers worked on many of the major Satellite Projects and came from a wide range of design disciplines including Antenna/waveguide, RF/Microwave, Optical Communications, Software, analogue and PSU design. The team has a considerable reputation within the industry for unique design solutions and high performance products.

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Invacom QPH-031 Quad Polar LNB (Both Circular and Linear)

PART#: QPH-031

Price: $54.95


Invacom SNH-031 Universal LNB with .3db Noise Figure

PART#: SNH-031

Price: $32.95


Invacom QPF-031 (Linear/Circular) Quad Polar LNB

PART#: QPF-031

Out of stock : Call or email for availability.

Price: $84.95


Invacom ADF-120 Feed Horn for LNBs

PART#: ADF-120

Out of stock : Call or email for availability.

Price: $27.95