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  Garrett Metal Detectors
In 1964, when Eleanor and I first began selling and marketing our metal detectors, we had no idea the great impact our company would eventually make in the metal detection industry. In fact, we only did what we knew how to do - make the best metal detector and sell it at a fair and reasonable cost. Since that time, we have been dedicated to making sure our customers are our number one priority. The Garrett name has come to stand for more than metal detection; it is a philosophy for unparalleled customer satisfaction. While it is true that we believed then, as we do now, that our metal detectors could lead the industry in capabilities and results, we recognized early on that commitment and loyalty to our customers would be our true source of success. We have learned over the years that there is no price advantage program, special product feature or other promotional advantage that can replace a satisfied customer. We stand behind the idea that one happy customer can be more valuable than the most elaborate advertising campaign. Customer satisfaction will never go out of style and a company that is willing to provide it will always be held in high regard. Now, at the genesis of a new century and as Garrett moves forward, the company has set goals to empower our customers with better products, better technology and better information. Garrett's mission is to continue the tradition of building great hobby and security detectors for many generations to come.

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