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DB4 UHF Multi Directional HDTV Antenna


List price: $69.00

Our price : $29.99

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The DB4 has become our most popular model because it is simply the best Mid Range HDTV antenna on the market. With an approximate 13.7 dB gain, it is one of the strongest multi-directional antennas available and performs consistently across the entire UHF spectrum. It...[more]

42XG UHF Yagi HDTV Antenna


List price: $69.99

Our price : $19.95

You save: $50.04 (71%)
The efficient placement of elements provides for an exceptional 14.2 dB gain with a short boom. This HD television antenna features durable all weather construction that does great in harsh weather conditions. Range: 10-50 Miles XG (Extreme Gain) of 14.2 dBi...[more]

43XG Uni Directional Yagi Antenna

PART#: 43xg

List price: $79.99

Our price : $19.95

You save: $60.04 (75%)
This uni-directional, Yagi style antenna is intended for long range applications ranging from 15-60 miles from the transmitters. Its 43 elements create a powerful 15.7 dBi gain with a front to back ratio of 27dB. Range: 15-60 miles Uni-directional...[more]

V21 VHF/UHF High Gain HDTV Antenna

PART#: V21

List price: $99.99

Our price : $39.95

You save: $60.04 (60%)
This ultra high gain VHF style antenna is ideal for locations within 15-65 miles of the transmitters. It features 21 elements and a powerful 12.9 dBi gain for receiving all of the major VHF (channels 2-13) and UHF signals (channel 14-69). It is a uni-directional antenna so...[more]

AR1/AR500 Programmable Antenna Rotator

PART#: AR1-500

List price: $99.00

Our price : $55.95

You save: $43.05 (43%)
Get pinpoint positioning of your outdoor antenna with Terrestrial Digital's heavy-duty rotator. The motorized unit features an all-weather construction and is controlled by a 12 channel programmable memory. Durable weather resistant powder coat finish...[more]

Automatic Antenna Rotor (Control Unit) Universal Channel Master 9537

PART#: cm9537

List price: $64.95

Our price : $36.95

You save: $28.00 (43%)

Out of stock : Call or email for availability.

Convert your old Rotor/Rotator to a programmable unit with this kit. • 69 channel programmable memory • Direct access via TV channel number or digital compass location • Holds memory during power failures • Compatible with the following rotator...[more]

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